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Warning: invisible wall ahead!

Debian_X Ray

Oh yeah, life is great! your Web site is nicely humming along and looks like your hard work is beginning to pay off. Traffic is ramping up, ad revenue starts to come in and your shared hosting plan is still able to give you a great run for your money. Yes, you think, am eating […]

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When hosting no longer matters

Closed_Error 503

Have you ever thought on what brand, size and type of tires your car has?… If you are like most people, it will likely be just when you have a flat tire. Likewise, you really become aware of the web hosting platform serving your web content and applications when it breaks or has performance issues […]

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How to fix PHP not sending mail in Debian 6 and EXIM4


It took a while to figure this out. As it turned out, there were 2 problems affecting the sending of emails: first there was the configuration of EXIM4 for proper sending of emails from the server and the PHP had to be configured properly. I will tell you next the steps I took to fix […]

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