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Installing Ruby 2.0.0 and Rails on OS X Lion 10.7.5


Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework optimized for sustainable productivity. Here I show the process to install Ruby 2.0.0 and the Rails Framework 4.0 on OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) with the help of Homebrew and RVM.

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How to enable firewall-friendly streaming in Wowza Media Server


By default, Wowza is configured to use only TCP port 1935 for streaming. Often in corporate settings, opening non-standard ports might not be convenient or against corporate IT policy. In this case, what is recommended is to configure Wowza to stream on port(s) other than 1935 with the configuration change I show on this post.

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The Key Technology For All-Employee Meetings


Town halls, all hands, skip level meetings are important vehicles to cascade information throughout an organization. As your business grow and starts to branch out to multiple locations, it quickly becomes a logistics challenge to communicate effectively with all of your employees. Here is how a media-savvy business leader takes advantage of the latest technology to reach everyone in the organization.

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